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Designed to double your revenue in 24 months or less. – yes really. 

Fully managed turn-key contractor marketing

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Strategic sales & management tools

A standard 2x contractor client forecasts $312,111 in additional GROSS PROFIT in year ONE by JUST using our basic managed marketing platform.

Most companies don’t look for pain. Who does? Avoiding pain is comfortable. If you don’t feel the pain it doesn’t mean that there is not a problem – it’s there. Be willing to dig deep to address your pain and you will find your opportunity for gain. There are millions in the lost pennies.

“They come in, own the improvement in marketing, management or personnel.”

“You would be remiss to loose out on this kind of return on investment with regard to marketing, management or operations help.”

“I have worked with Matt since 2005 since the acquisition of my first dealership, a Ford store in Minnesota. He effectively had 3 months of in-house work completed in 5 days. I was now fully staffed, trained and ready. I now have 2 locations and multiple manufacturers carried. Matt’s team can run, manage or market every aspect of an auto dealer in this case. They come in, own the improvement in marketing, management or personnel. Whether a large corporation like ours or a home improvement company with one truck, you would be remiss to loose out on this kind of return on investment with regard to marketing, management or operations help.” 

Jay Malone 
Jay Malone Motors


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The 2x Business Performance managed growth system is the most unique & effective lean management platform in the country.

It offers the most comprehensive sales management system available - onsite in your company - to assure success. Friendly and effective in any industry that employs sales people. Not coaching, not consulting, but roll-your-sleeves-up management at your location to assure incredible outcomes from sales staff every week. No company with under-performing sales, sales staffs or non-existent management can afford to not consider the affordability and outcome of this program. With Matt Chamberlain working in your business every week or another dedicated manager and the full support of the 2x group, you can be assured that you will reach your sales and management objectives.

Maybe a revamped marketing plan is all that you need, but 2x Business Performance offers much more than marketing. 2X combines two powerful solutions for exponential growth and provides a peak performing revenue generating platform for businesses. Hands down, no other marketing or sales solution does it better. Are you equipped to double your revenue at the moment?

Matt Chamberlain
Matt ChamberlainCEO
Curriculum Creator, Speaker, Coach and Fractional Management Expert

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